Prescott Area December 1, 2019

Prescott Pub Crawl

For any transplant to a new city, it’s important to figure out what kind of fun can be had around your new town.  It is especially important to have a go-to activity when people come to visit, so as to keep them coming back!   As an agent, having these kinds of ideas on the ready for your clients is vital. They want to know more than just the real estate market in their potential city; they want to know what kind of fun the community has to offer too.

Prescott is full of beautiful natural sights, magnificent walking and hiking trails, and is home to the mountainous and lush Prescott National Forest.  There’s no doubt that our visitors and residents alike love to venture into the great unknown to find a moment of connection to the world around them.  But what happens when we yearn for more than earthly connection and want a dose of human connection too? Enter—Montezuma Street.

Known as “Whiskey Row,” this unique stretch of old and new bars and saloons in downtown Prescott acts as an adult playground, where every few steps there is an entrance to a magical world of whiskey, bourbon, and “old west” authenticity.  So, take a moment from your day and join us as we take a virtual pub crawl down Montezuma St. in Prescott, AZ.

The Point Bar & Lounge

Point Bar & Grill is one of the highest rated establishments on our crawl.  Boasted for its authentic “speakeasy” feel as well as its epic Whiskey Menu, home to over 150 options; amazing for even the most experienced connoisseur.

Point also caters to all other possible patrons, with a three-page menu containing almost any cocktail the mind could conjure up…in case whiskey isn’t really your thing.

As if this place couldn’t get any better, they pride themselves on the process that goes into every cocktail as well.  Whole and organic ingredients are a vital part of every drink, as Point uses no artificial color or flavoring, using only house-made bitters and fresh squeezed juices.  Everything component of every cocktail is thought out, down to the ice they use in every drink, which is made using only water that has been treated with reverse osmosis.  This is a can’t miss outing for anyone in the Prescott area.

Prescott Public House

Just slightly off the beaten path, Public House is one of those places that just always has something going on.  Are you in to live music? You’ll love Public House!  Love trivia nights? Public House is your place! Big fan of bar games accompanied by a live DJ? …You get the picture.

With an extensive and ever-changing Beer Menu, Public House is perfect for folks who are just looking to drink a couple beers or cocktails and have a good time.  Public does not have a full food menu, but it does offer an array of “munchies” to keep your tummy full through all those beers.  Just take a short stroll down W. Gurley, right off of Montezuma and you’ll find this gem, offering Happy Hour from 3-6pm every day.

Jersey Lilly Saloon

If people watching is more your style, you must check out Jersey Lilly Saloon. This amazing “lil” bar is located at the heart of Downtown Prescott, with the only balcony in Courthouse Square, just perfect for sitting down with a cocktail and unwinding while watching the whirl of the city below.  Jersey Lilly offers a full bar as well as a substantial draft beer menu, with options ranging from your basic domestics to local craft options.

Jersey Lilly’s has a vibrant history, dating back to prohibition, and boasting a name honoring “one of the most famous songstresses of the 19th century.” Whether you live in Prescott, or you are just in town for a visit, Jersey Lilly’s offers “The Whiskey Row Penthouse” as a nightly room rental to give its patrons the full experience of Prescott, AZ.

Bird Cage Saloon

While some folks love a ritzy feel whilst sipping whiskey on their pub crawl, some like a good ol’ dive bar, full of true locals, and always boasting a good time.  Bird Cage may not be highbrow, but it does its job in ensuring its customers feel warm and at home. With an old saloon feel, Bird Cage can always be counted on for its great service and nostalgic atmosphere.

It is a refreshing stop on the Whiskey Row Pub Crawl.  While many of the stops along the way will be teaming with tourists, Bird Cage is a constant in that it is normally filled with friendly, local faces who are quick with a joke and even quicker with a smile.

Far from Folsom

What could be better than a Johnny Cash themed restaurant and bar? The answer to that is, “basically, nothing!” Located in historic Whiskey Row, this visit on our pub crawl is known for their delicious liquid libations as well as their artfully crafted food options.  It is one of those unique places that offers not only a mind-boggling plethora of drink options, but also a full menu with options for every moment of the day, be it lunch, dinner, late night, or even brunch!

Obviously, a Johnny Cash themed bar wouldn’t be quite the same without live music. Far from Folsom has quite possibly the best music scene in Prescott, with regular musicians gracing “The Yard,” their outdoor venue area.  You can find melodic jams bellowing from this venue almost any day of the week.  It is absolutely perfect for anyone who loves to sit back and sip a cocktail while enjoying the some good ol’ fashion tunes.

After a long day or night pub crawling around Prescott, a quick stop over at Wild Iris Coffeehouse can be a life-saver—enough to keep you fueled for the next adventure that is sure to be found in this delightful and charming town!