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Home Grown in Prescott

Home Grown in Prescott

By Cody Carter, Realtor | Building Yavapai Magazine 2024

Few things in life are more exhilarating than transforming something from your dream realm into a reality. It’s when the imagination gets ignited that we start painting a picture of what wonderment the future could possess. And then the moment unfolds when you walk into a house that feels it could in fact be the space to that cradle that dream. You imagine where the newborn will sleep, where you’ll place the Christmas tree, your favorite piece of art, or where you’ll cozy up on a lazy day with a good book. We all need spaces that speak to our needs, reveries, hobbies and families. I firmly believe that “home” deserves to be a place that you love, and that I can help you comfortably navigate the journey to find just that.

Apart from my time at the University of Arizona, I have lived in Prescott my entire life. That said, I have been quite the globe trotter – exploring the distant corners of our planet, all the way down south to the frigid Antarctic interior. So what? My travels made me realize that the place I call home really is remarkable. This gorgeous city in the high desert not only boasts a mild four-season climate, but is packed with art, antiques, dining, shopping and 470 miles of trails. It’s an idyllic setting to raise a family, retire, or start a business. I have been a small business owner downtown, the heartbeat of the city, for two decades. Rivaling my time on the square is that of my father, who has been a businessman on Whiskey Row since 1981. My deep roots in this community manifest in passionate recommendations of things to see and do, and of course the many unique neighborhoods that are all like stars comprising the constellation of my life as a Prescottonian.

Becoming a homeowner, whether it is the first, second or tenth time can be a stressful process. The key is working with someone that you like and trust. When I say that I am someone’s Realtor, that commitment does not terminate at the close of escrow. It  is a relationship that is ongoing as life evolves and new needs arise. I pride myself in delivering a friendly, informed, and heartening experience to the sum of my clients. My mantra is that everything is “figure-out-able” and that even the stressful moments can be navigated with calm evenness. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, having an agent that is smart, attentive, confident and kind is fundamental.

“Cody brings grace and professionalism to the sum of her transactions. We could not be happier to have her on our team of agents.” – Ronnie DeBenedetta, Property Group

Bottom line is that I am a team player. Being a part of DeBenedetta Property Group allows me to be closely aligned with some of the most experienced and savvy professionals in our area. Together we have a collaborative way to grow and support one another in an ever-changing industry. Our group is equipped with an arsenal of talent, and qualified professionals such as home inspectors, loan officers and maintenance professionals. It’s basically one stop shopping if you want to have all the necessary resources at your fingertips and have FUN at the same time. Our office at Better Homes & Gardens – BloomTree is abuzz with laughter, collaboration, brainstorming, and a serious perk – the agent/broker dogs who come to work and fill our days with wiggles and the smile only a canine can deliver.

Operating only at the highest caliber, white glove service is always the goal. I always strive to deliver premium assistance that’s executed with close attention to detail and an extra level of care. It’s said that the average person knows around 5 real estate agents. Think about those people that you know, and what qualities they embody. In my experience, someone successful in the industry is generous in spirit. Someone whose door you feel is always open. Someone you feel comfortable asking for help. Someone who remembers your birthday, or where your son is going to college. To be surrounded by such individuals regularly is nothing short of an absolute joy.

Growing up close to downtown, I walked to and from school from the time I was about 8. There’s something about tennis shoes to pavement that makes you connect with the land, the seasons and the energy of a place. 30+ years later, my daughter retraces my steps after school, and in a sense, not much has changed. Sure, the area has grown, but the goodness of the community has remained intact. Prescott still boasts familiar faces, friendly neighbors, people who extend a polite wave. I have deep gratitude daily for this safe haven where our daughter is spreading her wings and learning to fly. But for now, she’s still in the nest, leaving her mark annually when we prop a ladder up against the wooden sign at the bottom of our road and repaint the letters of the street name a shade of mustard.

Free time hardly exists unless it’s scheduled, but when I do, I enjoy the outdoors with my husband and our four-legged trailblazer. Putting my Bachelor of Arts degree to use via portrait painting, I’m oftentimes found in the sunlit loft upstairs capturing the human spirit in my artwork. Evenings are typically spent in the ballet studio with our daughter, Zoe. We train together and regularly co-cast in local productions, including The Nutcracker. The art of ballet is endlessly challenging, but something about its long-standing tradition and required discipline is invariably attractive. Of course, the best part of the day is coming home to the butter-yellow house near the top of the hill that buoys up my outlook during the day and hosts my dreams at night.

“Love where you live.”