Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona Real Estate

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“Arizona’s Country Town”

High in the desert of Northern Arizona is “Arizona’s Country Town,” also known as Dewey-Humboldt, AZ.  Residing just 15 miles east of the big-city feel of Prescott, the Agua Fria Valley town is known for its vast rural landscape and tranquil lifestyle that can only come with small town living.  There are plenty of things to do in Dewey-Humboldt, but you’re also just minutes from the amenities and conveniences of Prescott. Treasured for its livability, expansive blues skies, and open countryside, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise that the climate is just as perfect as the undisturbed beauty the residents are lucky enough to bask in on daily basis.  And what’s even better for residents?  The population of Dewey-Humboldt are offered the benefit of having a direct say in the allocation of local tax revenues!  Owning a home in a community where your voice matters…that’s a true peace of mind.

Loads of Locals Favorites

Modern perks with a side of peace a privacy is what you’ll get as a resident in the small-town of Dewey-Humboldt. There are plenty of local activities to take part in, including regular events at the local library or exploring the rich history of the town at the Dewey-Humboldt Museum.  Spend the day outside at a local park engaging in one of many year-round activities—or at the golf course at either Quailwood Greens or Prescott Gold & Country Club.  The best perk of small town living in Dewey-Humboldt is access to the freshest produce at Mortimer Family Farms, which features sweet corn and pumpkins. The farm even boasts a Pumpkin Festival—a annual get together complete with fun activities like haunted houses, corn mazes, and even fire dancers!   Even the ease of rural living can be filled with fun and excitement!

Celebrating Community

There is no lack of pride when it comes to residents of Dewey-Humboldt.  For over 110 years residents have taken part in a yearly celebration of Agua Fria Festival—put on by the Dewey-Humboldt Historical Society—which includes a parade, races, a pie-eating content, and a grand ball.  The local community has banded together since 1907 to celebrate their town among thousands of guests who come to help celebrate the two distinct communities of Agua Fria and Dewey-Humboldt.  The Historical Society also helps to maintain the Dewey-Humboldt Museum, which showcases local families, town history, and the western values that have remained a main stay for the towns entire lifespan!

Amazing Academics

The Humboldt Unified School District is a public-school district that serves over 5,800 students through all grade-levels at Humboldt Elementary, Liberty Traditional, Bradshaw Mountain Middle, and Bradshaw Mountain High School.  The student body of Dewey-Humboldt are offered the benefits of having schools with amazing academic performances while maintaining a small-school feel.  The extracurriculars and athletics are excellent, and the teachers and staff are top notch.  Residents of Dewey-Humboldt are able to rest easy knowing their children are well taken care of when it comes to their education.

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