Agents in the News August 20, 2020

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate plus BloomTree Realty: Better Together

In the increasingly dog-eat-dog world of real estate sales, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate BloomTree Realty has chosen a different path: sharing of knowledge and resources to offer better services for homebuyers and sellers.

“It essentially was every agent for himself or herself,” observed Nick Malouff, BloomTree president and CEO, about the real estate business in general. “We didn’t think that was a healthy environment. If there’s anything unique about BloomTree, it’s community. People are rewarded for sharing what they know.”

The BloomTree philosophy clearly is working: it’s the #1 real estate company in the Prescott area, closing one out of every seven deals here last year, Malouff said. Every client gets a third-party survey after closing, and they have awarded BloomTree a phenomenal performance rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

“That level of client care is what’s driven our growth,” BloomTree Co-Founder and Executive VP of Marketing Stacy Stateham said.  [Read More]