Homeownership February 28, 2024

Make the Leap Towards Homeownership

Leap Year Dreams

February 29 only comes once every four years, a rare gift of time we call Leap Day. This year, it’s not just an extra day on the calendar—it’s an additional opportunity to chase down those life-changing aspirations. 

For home buyers, it’s the perfect metaphor for taking that bold step towards homeownership. Leap Day reminds us that extra time is a treasure, allowing us to do more, dream bigger, and leap forward into new adventures. 

Make the Leap Towards Homeownership

As the calendar affords us one more day, why not spend it making your dream of homeownership a reality? Leap Day can be your catalyst for action, a nudge to start that application, schedule a viewing, or finally make an offer on that house you’ve been eyeing.

Seize the Extra Day!

Remember, the leap year is about making the most of every moment, including today. You can turn your homeownership dreams into a plan with actionable steps. Don’t wait for tomorrow—because, in a leap year, tomorrow is an extra today! Take a leap of faith, and may this leap year bring you closer to the keys to your new home.

Working for Our Clients and Our Community

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | BloomTree Realty has a couple simple goals; deliver the best service possible to our clients and be a supporter of important causes in the community in which we live. In short, we strive to be better and give back to our communities.

Our community-based values are infused into everything we do to ensure that clients are receiving the best possible outcome.

When you hire a Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | BloomTree Realty Agent, you are not hiring just one agent; you are hiring a company with a committed group of professionals who support each other. You are hiring a dedicated leadership team committed to attracting and training the best agents and to supporting the community in which we all live.

Bloomtree and its partner, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, have teamed up to deliver the best training, culture, and brand value to produce the one-of-a-kind results clients expect and deserve.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | BloomTree Realty has won more independent consumer survey awards in the last three years than all other companies combined. We are dedicated to being better together…one client at a time.