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Real Estate Marketing Traditional Home Selling: A Better and Time-Tested Approach? by Nick Malouff  I wouldn’t blame consumers if they said the housing market is more confusing today than ever. There are so many new company’s out there today claiming that they have a better way and that you will end up with more money if you use their service. The truth about some of those […]
Real Estate Marketing Today’s Market Requires the Right Agent by Nick Malouff Why the right REALTOR is critical for home selling or buying success – especially in a hot seller’s market. When the real estate market reaches the red-hot levels we’ve experienced over the last few years, it’s safe to say that most homes will sell quickly. However, does that mean you don’t need […]
Real Estate Marketing Residential Real Estate Market by Leslie Guiley Homes for sale nationally are down 52% over the same time last year and in Arizona there was a 64% decrease in inventory over last year.  Demand is up as potential buyers re-evaluate their priorities in homes and lifestyle during and after the pandemic.  There are 4 offers for every listing and intense competition has led to […]
Real Estate Marketing Understanding and Navigating the Modern Age of the Millennial Real Estate Market What is a Millennial and Why Should I Care? To understand the millennial market, it’s probably important to understand what a millennial is, right?  In the most basic of terms, a millennial is a person born between the early 80s and early 2000s—a generation that came of age around the millennium.  Millennials are one of […]
Real Estate Marketing Understanding the Real Estate Market When Is It Buyer’s, When Is It Seller’s, and Why? Once you dip your toes into the real estate world—be it buying, selling, or simply entertaining the idea of either—you will inevitably hear the terms ‘buyer’s market’ and ‘seller’s market’ more times than you’ll be able to keep track of.  While you may hear it […]
Real Estate Marketing Effective Marketing in Real Estate How to Sell Homes and Yourself Not everyone can have their own real estate show on HGTV, so marketing yourself as an agent is vital if you want to see success in your career.  Real estate is an ever-changing marketplace, with the National Association of Realtors listing their membership at an all-time high in 2006, with 1.4 […]
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