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Today's Market The Real Estate Market: 22 VS 21 Where is the market headed? Much has been written and pontificated about regarding the real estate market and where it is headed over the last year. Many projected with higher interest rates that home prices would retreat rapidly, and sales volume would tumble. Others have speculated that the still tight inventory and lack of new […]
Today's Market Area Real Estate Market Is Mixed Versus Year Ago Comparing Real Estate Market According to recently published statistics from the Prescott Area Association of Realtors, the area real estate market remained reasonably strong in August of 2022 versus August of 2021 but there are signs of weakness. For the entire market area, the sold median price versus a year ago is up7.4% from $437,500 […]
Real Estate Marketing Traditional Home Selling: A Better and Time-Tested Approach? by Nick Malouff  I wouldn’t blame consumers if they said the housing market is more confusing today than ever. There are so many new company’s out there today claiming that they have a better way and that you will end up with more money if you use their service. The truth about some of those […]
Today's Market The Housing Market: Is it a Buyer or Seller Market now? by Nick Malouff The housing market statistics in our area for the year over year period from the end of June 2021 to the end of June 2022 are very interesting and not what many might expect given the changes in interest rates and other economic turmoil. As one would expect, the number of total […]
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